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The Intro

Reach today's independent and local artists — and their fans — by becoming a sponsor of the only platform built for no-strings-attached artist support. Meet your marketing goals. Go easy on your budget. Make your mark within our artist community. Get a little ad space and a lot of love.

The Zone

We consider sponsorships from companies, organizations, and individuals for artist- and arts-related products and services, ideally those with which we've had (good) experience. We’re a bit selective, but reasonable… so there's that. Sponsors are invited to participate within the scope of our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

The Nitty Gritty

There are a total of 20 sponsor slots available for each month. Ads rotate throughout the site, which means that each sponsor's ad will be presented to no fewer than five percent of the page viewers. Only one ad appears per page, either in the side column or in the footer. Ads do not appear on the artist pages nor on the home page. A list of active sponsors also appears on the page you're reading now. Sponsor ads are displayed at 130 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall but we'll ask you to create yours at 260 x 200 pixels. You can also give us a short text caption of up to 90 characters and we'll show that, too.

The Traffic Report

The links from your ad to your site will include UTM parameters for utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign so that you can identify traffic from ScratchBang in your Google Analytics data. But here's the thing— ScratchBang is new and visitor traffic is still low. To match, prices are also low. We do not track visitors and do not provide any visitor data (which we don't have anyway!).

The Price Tag

No less than 20% of your sponsorship payment goes to our Year-End Artist Reward fund, paid to active artists who have participated on the site prior to August 1 of the year. The balance of sponsorship payment goes to help cover key ScratchBang expenses: hosting fees, development, instant ramen noodles.

The current sponsorship rate is $300 per month, paid monthly. A six-month pre-paid sponsorship runs $1,650; a twelve-month slot prepaid is $3,000. If you keep your sponsorship active, then you keep your rate. If you stop and then start in the future, you'll be charged the current rate at the time you pick up again (of course, it's not likely to be lower!). Your early, continuous sponsorship could look like a huge bargain down the road as ScratchBang traffic grows.

The Close

Interested? Please get in touch. We'd love to have you join us.

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Delta blues & folk art in historic Clarksdale, Mississippi and at cathead.biz.

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