What is ScratchBang?

ScratchBang is the only platform built for no-strings-attached artist support and fueled by fans with both love and money. Artists and fans connect with each other to fund the creation of the art that influences their lives and the lives of others. We encourage, promote, and sustain creative work through fan-fueled programs of support for artists.

Starving artists? Not on our watch.

Loving an artist is great, but love alone doesn't help pay for paints, rent, tools, lenses, fabric, or gas for the van. With ScratchBang, fans can do more than just follow and like and applaud. We can subscribe to the artists we love, send a little money their way each month, and help support their creative work.

ScratchBang = Artists & Fans & Love & Money!

Who can participate?

ScratchBang is for artists who are creating work and sharing it— sharing it within a close circle, with the world, or anywhere in between. ScratchBang is for fans— all of us who love what we see, read, hear, or feel thanks to the work of those artists.

How does it work?


  1. Sign up.
  2. Find your favorite artists.
  3. Subscribe.
  4. Connect.


  1. Sign up.
  2. Set up a profile page.
  3. Spread the word.
  4. Welcome your subscribers.
  5. Connect.

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ScratchBang makes sense for more artists.

Traditional crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, are geared toward one-time, short-term fundraising—for an album or book or some other type of project—but they don’t help artists with regular expenses related to their creative work. They don’t help artists whose work doesn’t necessarily result in products or sales. That’s where ScratchBang works best.

For artists, ScratchBang is an easy, no-strings-attached way to allow fans to show their support and appreciation through monthly subscription payments. Artists don’t have to provide t-shirts or posters or merch or anything else… except for one thing: artists with active subscribers check in with their fans at least once a month in the group section of the artist profile.

Fans love to support artists.

A fan subscribes to an artist because the artist is doing creative work that makes the fan’s life richer. A fan subscribes to an artist in order to connect in a way that might not otherwise be possible.

Can't offer a place to stay for your favorite artists when they come through your city? Subscribing can be the next closest thing. And you don't have to tidy up first.

A fan subscribes to help the artist meet the financial challenges that get in the way of the creative process. A fan subscribes because it’s a gesture of passionate support.