Here's our current list of art categories.

Don't worry if your work doesn't fit exactly into one of these. You'll be able to describe what you do in more detail on your profile page. And artists working in multiple disciplines can choose all that apply during the profile setup.

There's also a sub-category of "Other" for each main category. If you'd like to request a new category so you can avoid using Other, then let us know via the Contact page.

Categories and Sub-Categories

painting, drawing, illustration, performance art, magic/illusion, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, digital art, art glass, conceptual art, experimental art, electronic art, installations, public art, community art, fiber art, art gallery, folk art
art education
skill lessons, course instruction, skill guides, presentations, art school
comic books, web comics, graphic novels, standup comedy
pottery, jewelry, furniture, musical instruments, leathercraft, woodworking, glasswork, letterpress, textiles
performance, choreography, dance company, competition, dance studio
graphic design, product design, interactive design, typography
environmental art
landscape design, ecological art, land art, art in nature
apparel, accessories, footwear, couture
film and theater
acting, direction, production, stagecraft, costume design, experimental, video, venue
farming, growing, craftbrewing, culinary art, restaurant, food truck/cart
digital and video games, puzzles, tabletop games, playing cards
music performance (genres: pop, country, rock, electronic, hip-hop/rap, blues, jazz, classical, Latin, folk, R&B, reggae, world), songwriting, management, performance space, music production, engineering
documentary photography, image manipulation, street photography, portrait photography, nature photography
web technology, programming, hardware, software, gear, apps, equipment and tools
blogging, journalism, poetry, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, broadcasting, screenwriting, criticism, podcasts