Postcard of ScratchBang logo with invitation to join for artists and art fans

You’re invited to join ScratchBang— it’s funding for indie/local artists with no strings attached.

Hello artists, musicians, performers, artisans, writers, and art lovers!

Thinking about trying something new this year?

We’d like to invite you to join us… Our project is called ScratchBang and it’s a funding site for artists and their fans. Like you! The site is here: or you can Google “ScratchBang Project.”

We’re in the early stages of ScratchBang and that’s why we're getting the word out to indie/local artists and their fans who might be interested in trying it. And we think you might like it.

There’s a great selection of artist profile pages on ScratchBang now. Here’s where you can see them:

We built ScratchBang to be a little like Kickstarter and even a little like the good parts of Facebook. But we think ScratchBang is so much easier and worthwhile for artists, since there are no products or perks or rewards to worry about. Plus, fans who subscribe to an artist will get access to exclusive fan-only posts. (Artists can create public posts, too.) There’s more to ScratchBang, but it’s all simple!

Questions? Send us a message here:

When you get a chance to check out ScratchBang, please let us know what you think. We’re interested to hear your feedback. And if ScratchBang isn’t right for you, please share this information with friends, artists, musicians, performers, artisans, and writers who you think might like it.

See you on ScratchBang!