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Pennyhead: Independent Label & Recording Studio: Project Production, Artist Development. Tracking, Mixing, Premastering, Distribution, and Session Services. ASCAP/BMI registered. IT'S A SONIC LAB.

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It's been a while . . . 

April 8, 2019, 12:45 pm

Howdy Scratchbangers.


Yeah, it's been quite some time since our last post. Sorry about that. There's been a lot going on over the last year, all good. Well, mostly good. Pleased to announce that Pennyhead is rockin' fuul time.


Lot's of enhancements; tools, knowledge, bigger ears.


Today I'm pleased to announce Pennyhead's latest session project: Monday Night Special  by The Matter Men.

Simply put, a four composition improvizational wonder featuring virtuoso chromatic harp player John LaRouche. 


This us definitely worth a focused listen, one I hope you enjoy.


*****  *****


Available at all online distribution points.

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yet another little teaser . . .

September 18, 2017, 4:10 pm

A two minute slice, yes, just two, of the twenty four minute Song Y. 

Available just for my Scratchbang family @

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Here are a couple more projects you might like.

September 18, 2017, 3:22 pm

All of these are available at Amazon, iTunes,, and all your regular haunts, i.e. Spotify. Enjoy!

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It's been way too long . . .

September 18, 2017, 11:53 am
New Logo.

But after what seems like forever I wanted to catch everyone up as to what's happening in this little neck of the woods. It's been a very exciting and hectic year with lots of new developments. First, we're officially a label - Pennyhead - with detailed info at So far this year we've put out two new CD's; both matter men releases, weave and fracture. Also, @ you'll fine Pennyhead artists like Mark LeGrand. I promise to be a little more frequent in posting.

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A New Release from Pennyhead.

January 16, 2016, 4:48 pm

Very proud to announce that the matter men have just released their second CD, woof.


I'd like to refer you to:  or for a complete listen.

Woof was tracked and mixed at Pennyhead, and mastered @ The Green Room.

Thank You Carl! And Happy New Year. There's a lot going on in this little studio with two new CD's about to be unleashed. I'm planning a big announcement in the near term and Scratching will be the first to hear. Pennyhead is now offering mastering and digital distribution services. Wait for it . . .
Posted By: Pennyhead
1356 days 16 hrs 24 mins 25 secs ago
Happy New Year, Dave and Pennyhead! Can't wait to hear what comes out of the studio this year!
Posted By: carl
1357 days 10 hrs 23 mins 25 secs ago
woof is excellent, Dave. Congrats!
Posted By: carl
1704 days 8 hrs 30 mins 25 secs ago
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Happy 2016 Fellow and soon-to-be-Scratchbangers!

January 2, 2016, 5:06 pm

It's looking like 2016 is going to be jammed with exciting projects. In January, "the matter men" will be releasing woof, their second CD, and I have to say it sounds great. It's highly diverse and takes you on a wonderful sonic ride. Lot's of solo, duo and small ensemble work is booked ranging from americana to neoclassical. 2016 is looking to be wonderful. Let's hope,


 I recorded this little ditty today 16 Saturday 1-2. Happy 2016.

you're too kind Carl. Thanks for your support!
Posted By: Pennyhead
1708 days 18 hrs 39 mins 25 secs ago
ScratchBang needs a "Bravo" button!
Posted By: carl
1715 days 13 hrs 17 mins 25 secs ago
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Pennyhead's latest release Warp is on . . .

September 27, 2015, 2:15 pm

Warp is on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Digital Music, and lots of others.  


Just search for The Matter Men!!  Enjoy.


Here's link to Spotify -

It sounds great!
Posted By: carl
1776 days 14 hrs 4 mins 25 secs ago
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New Release - The Matter Men

September 24, 2015, 1:57 pm

Well folks, finlly, I'm thrilled to announce that Pennyhead's core musical group - The Matter Men - have released Warp , the first of three releases slated for 2015. Go to -- -- for a free listen! Love to hear what you have to say. This CD was tracked and mixed at Pennyhead Studio, and Mastered by Colin McCaffery @ The Green Room. Enjoy my friends.

Dave-- Warp sounds really good! Congrats to you and the other Matter Men.
Posted By: carl
1813 days 11 hrs 58 mins 25 secs ago
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More happenings @ Pennyhead

June 24, 2015, 1:52 pm